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Keep Your Windshield Safe This Winter

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Keep your windshield safe this winter by following the advice below when it comes to dealing with icy windshields. 

Use A Proper Scraper

When it comes to removing ice and snow from your windshield this winter, you shouldn't try to make your own scraper or improvise with common household objects, such as dust pans and credit cards.

Instead, purchase a proper scraper from an auto parts or department store. A proper winter scraper should have two sides. One side should have a plastic scraping tool on it, and the other side should have a soft brush for removing snow from your vehicle.

If your scraper brakes for any reason, do not continue to use it. You don't want to scratch your glass because you failed to replace a broken scraper.

Let Your Car Warm Up

If you don't have a proper scraper to clear the ice off your windshield, or you don't want to stand outside using your scraper in the cold, it is vital that you add on a few extra minutes to your daily routines so that you have enough time to let your vehicle warm up before you hit the road. That way, your defroster can melt all the ice away from your windshield before you hit the road. 

Don't Pour Water On Your Windshield

If you can't find your scraper or don't have time to let your car warm up, you should not for any reason pour hot water on your windshield to quickly defrost it and melt away the ice. This so called "trick" could end up ruining your windshield. Your windshield could just as easily end up cracking as it could end up clear for you to drive. 

Treat Cracks & Chips Right Away

If you notice a chip or crack in your windshield, schedule an appointment with your local auto glass repair shop right away.

Chips can quickly turn from a tiny dot into a huge crack during the cold weather season. Moisture can easily get inside of the chip or crack when your car is running and your windshield is warm. Then, as your car sits and gets cold, so does the moisture inside of that little crack. As the moisture freezes, it expands, and thus expands the crack. Repeat this process a few times, and a tiny crack you canbarely see one day could be covering your entire windshield the next time.

This winter, take the time to warm up your car and properly scrape your windshield. Remember, if you see a crack develop, you need to take care of it right away before it spreads. For assistane tlak to an auto glass repair professional.