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Water Damage Restoration Companies: What They Do

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Are you currently living in a hotel because a flood left your house drenched in water? Getting back settled into your own house can be fast if you hire a water restoration company to put things back in order for you. Below, discover a few things about water damage restoration companies that can help you decide if they are worth hiring to assist with the flood damage in your house.

Water Can Be Removed in an Efficient Manner

Attempting to remove flood water on your own is not only frustrating, but it can take a long time when you don't have the right kind of equipment for the task. Water damage restoration companies can get rid of large quantities of water in no time because of the commercial pumps that they use. The commercial pumps can really come in handy if you have a basement in your house that has several feet of water in it.

Mold Will Be Found & Removed

Mold is one of the most important things that should be removed after water damage from a flood. Professionals will be able to do a thorough inspection for mold that will include looking under carpet, under tiles and in wall cavities. The ceiling and roof of your home will also be inspected for mold. The water damage restoration company will remove the mold, sanitize your house and repaint any walls that were damaged from both mold and water damage.

Your House Will Be Deodorized

There is nothing worse than finally bringing a flood damaged house back to order and being left with the odor of mildew. It can be hard getting rid of the smell of mildew on your own, even if you put a lot of work into it. A water damage restoration company will get rid of foul odors by cleaning your furniture and flooring. Carpet will either be cleaned or replaced, depending on the severity of damage. Tiles may simply be cleaned, but replacement might be necessary if they are made out of vinyl.

Fees Charged by Water Damage Restoration Companies

The height of water that was left in your house after the flood will be calculated into the price you are charged. An entire house that is covered in four inches of water might cost a little under $8,000 for a water damage restoration company to remove. Other services like painting, deodorizing and installing flooring will also affect the overall price. If you have any other questions about what might be calculated into the cost, consider contacting a local water damage restoration specialist, such as AL-CARE DKI Mississauga, to discuss your concerns.