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How To Keep Your Family Safe In A House With Vermiculite Insulation

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Does your home have vermiculite insulation? If you aren't sure, a visual inspection can reveal the answers. Vermiculite will show up as a loose fill material that contains gold flecks. It is a light material that should not be disturbed. Though vermiculite itself is safe, it is occasionally mixed with asbestos. Asbestos can get into the air and cause serious medical issues for those within your home. Here are some things to keep in mind if you have this type of insulation in your home.

Stop Using Your Attic for Storage

If there is vermiculite insulation within your home, it's likely within your attic; it's commonly used as a loose fill insulation in these areas. The best thing to do at this stage, if you cannot remove the asbestos immediately, is to stop using your attic and, if possible, seal it. You should not store boxes in the attic and you should not let your children go up into the attic. You should get the vermiculite removed as soon as possible if there are any areas in which the vermiculite insulation is exposed.

Make Sure All Your Walls Are Sealed

Go through your home to make sure there are no holes in your walls or gaps. There could be vermiculite insulation inside your walls and this insulation could be releasing asbestos into the air if there are gaps. These walls should be sealed by a professional and you should get an air quality test. An air quality test is often the fastest way to determine whether there may be asbestos, mold or other issues within your home. 

Avoid Completing Any Work On Your Home's Structure

If there is vermiculite in your home, you should avoid completing any structural work until it has been removed. Asbestos is actually relatively safe until it is disturbed; it is when the asbestos is disturbed that it disperses into the air and becomes a health issue. Depending on where the insulation is -- and it could be throughout your entire home -- even minor work could disturb it.

If you are concerned about the health risks that vermiculite may present, you may want to invest in vermiculite removal. Vermiculite removal must be handled just as asbestos abatement is handled: by skilled professionals. You should never try to remove vermiculite on your own, as it could be very dangerous to both you and your family. Luckily, vermiculite material is actually very fast and easy to remove for those who have the proper equipment and are certified to remove it. For more information, contact Hazmat Solutions Asbestos Removal in Vancouver or a similar company.