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3 Natural Ways To Kill Mould Around Your Home

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Do you have a contained mould problem within your home? If you have an area of your home that is currently mouldy but doesn't seem to present any real danger, you can attempt to clear it off with natural remedies. Mould is everywhere; every home has some amount of mould and mould spores. It's only if you have toxic mould or an over-abundance of mould that it truly becomes dangerous. Before you pick up the phone, you can attempt a few tricks.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective home remedy that can be found in many natural health stores. Simply mix a very small amount of tea tree oil -- two teaspoons should be enough -- with two to three cups of warm water. The water must be warm or the oil won't mix very well. Apply the oil on the mould and then wait. Don't rub it in or rub it off. The tea tree oil should kill off the mold once it dries. 

2. Alcohol

Any alcohol meant for consumption should safely kill mold as well; alcohol does sterilize. Choose an alcohol that is low in sugar content: vodka is preferable to wine. Soak a wash cloth in the liquid and then apply directly onto the mould to remove it. Alcohol will kill off not only the mould but also any harmful bacteria in the area. Just make sure you wear gloves, as alcohol will also dry out your skin!

3. Vinegar Wash

Don't use just straight vinegar -- it'll certainly be effective, but the vinegar could lighten any surfaces it comes into contact with and the smell will definitely linger. Instead, fill a spray bottle with a solution of a quarter vinegar and three quarters water and then spray the affected area until it is well-saturated. Use paper towels to wipe up the mould you can and spray again. Repeat the process as necessary. If the surface is soft, such as wallpaper, keep spraying as needed. If the surface is resilient, such as brick, you can scrub it with a brush.

If your mould problem persists or you believe that mould is in the air, you should contact a mould remediation service as soon as possible. Mould remediation services will test your air quality and ensure that it is safe to breathe. Toxic mould spores can cause many physical health issues and could even be fatal if they are left unchecked for too long.